Audio Interview: Richard Bouzakis

Scott Casber

Scott Casber

Dick Bouzakis

Name: Richard Bouzakis
Phone: 845.361.5581

The Title for the book is Comeback: A Wrestlers Story of Triumph and Tragedy by Dick Bouzakis

The story will warm your heart with a humorous account of the life and times of a head injured man. Life is tough for everyone. Consider damage to the brain in the area where you can walk, talk, or move. One day you're on top wrestling world as a competitor and 2 months later you wake up in a new body.

After suffering from a concussion Richard has Continued with life, never quitting and never accepting the alternative. Comeback: A Wrestlers Story of Triumph and Tragedy is a story how he made it through life by exposing inner secrets and proving anyone with drive and persistence can do anything that a human mind can imagine.

The book comes complete with documents from notables like Mario Cuomo, Dan Gable, Ed and Lou Banach, and others. You'll enjoy Richard's complete New York State Wrestling History as well.

Richard is a college educated accident victim, supremely qualified to know how it feels to be in a coma, wake up, and go through life with a disability. Richard woke one day after 2 months of a supposed long term coma and went on to continued goals. He writes about the agitation and frustration that gripped him while he fought the coma's forces through school and to his day's at the Fortune 1000 company where he worked then continuing home for physical therapy.

Richard's book Comeback: A Wrestlers Story of Triumph and Tragedy is written for all readers wanting to read a heart- warming story of personal triumph with notable liaisons. His story surely will resonate in the highschool and college wrestling communities. He talks about his brother who was arguably one of the best wrestlers to ever compete in NYS.

Head injuries are just now becoming "OK" to talk about. Richards story may be an extreme to some but it is more real than you can ever know. You need to know a story, a real story that you can relate to.

Richard writes: This is the first book to my knowledge written by a coma survivor documenting progress through rehabilitation and working with a disability. I have spoken for Mother Against Drunk Driving in Dallas and for Victim Impact Panel at ADAC of Orange County.